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Journal Entry #one. I'm What I'm Working With - Just a little background about myself

First off I'd like to say if your reading this thank you for your support. Let me tell you about myself so you can understand me more. I grew up very shy, scared to speak my own mind. I was definitely 10000% a follower. I've dealt with body image issues and a low self esteem. I've been in toxic relationships where I needed a self awareness check. I've been manipulated and taken advantage of. I was someone who wasn't very sure of herself. I had always been conflicted with who I really was and how others viewed me. Out of high school I took a year off, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I ended up taking Marketing at St. Lawrence College. Two years in and I dropped out, it wasn't for me. I worked in retail until the next school year, and decided to take hair stlying. I loved it, for the first time in awhile I was excited. I found something I actually loved.

I grew up in a Roman Catholic household, my family is very religious. My grandma passed away New Years Day 2018. It triggered question's about the meaning of life, my beliefs and religion. I realized that life was too short. I was in control of everything that came into my world. I began reading up spiritualism, manifestation and listening to the Universe. I came up with my own moral's, idea's and value's that made the most sense to me. I learn't that I can be my own person, to have my own opinion, set up boundaries and speak my voice. I began listening to my inner voice, I learnt how to control what I felt. The things that used to eat me up alive barely shook me. That girl who talked shit about me didn't phase me anymore, I knew she was projecting her insecurities and that wasn't my issue. I taught myself how to let go and to embrace who I was. My journey of self-love had started without me even knowing. I didn't see myself as that confused little girl with no path. I saw myself as a Goddess of a women, who was powerful. I was the only person stopping me from getting where I knew I was supposed to be. I quit making excuses for myself and other people. I started showing up for myself in every aspect in life.

Last year I made some big life changes, it made me so uncomfortable. I quit my job where I had been feeling stuck at for years. Forever I kept saying how unhappy, how uninspired I had become & how I hated doing hair. It was the universe telling me I needed change. I rekindled my love with hair when I had the opportunity to work for a Hair, Make up and Tanning company who travels around Canada and the US for body building competitions. I started at a new salon and my creativity sparked up again. I love being able to make people feel good about themselves. I found my passion again. My life was going in the exact direction I wanted it to go.

I think self love and beauty go hand in hand. To love yourself you have to take care of yourself mentally, psychically & spiritually. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. I struggle like everyone else, I have bad days but I always know they will pass. I focus on my goals, and the good in everything. I LOVE making people feel good inside and out. My passions fall into beauty, hair, makeup and fashion. These are my gifts and where my creativity sparks inside of me. It's what makes my heart jump. It's what I was put on this Earth to share with women so they can feel confident in their own skin.

My goal with this blog is to encourage women to love themselves just as they are, to show women who struggle with self love, that they are goddesses too. I see it in you, and I'll show you how to pull it out of yourself. It's a chance for you recreate yourselves. It is a time of excitement because you are evolving. <3

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