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KandiiLash Collaboration & Event

If you follow me on Instagram you'll already know that I have been the anticipating the launch of m

y recent collaboration with KandiiLash! I've never done a collaboration like this so I am so excited to be blogging about this. Tareca and I have come up with a limited edition lash under my name! Pretty cool! The style is called "Dolled Up by Eli Pickles" (if you are searching for it on her Insta) . These lashes are EVERYTHING. I am obsessed. I met Tareca through social circles on Instagram,(networking babes) . I told her what I was looking for in a lash and she NAILED IT !! Ps if you are wanting to check out my limited edition lashes, check out her Insta page @kandiilash. She also has so many other styles if you are looking for something a little more natural. I am a go big or go home kinda girl... lol the bigger the better.

I am extremely excited for her event coming this August. Which I will be attending and working as a lash model for her! There will be door prizes, and other give-a-ways that you need to check out ! If you are interested in this event or ordering a pair of beautiful lashes, head to her Instagram page. NOW. Check out her feed, story and highlights for more information. I will be posting way more on my social media as things get going to keep you all updated! So please stay TUNED !

I have posted an IG TV video on how to properly apply and size strip lashes ! So if you struggle with it head to my IGTV. Bare with me, as it is the first video I've posted in awhile!

Have an Awesome Weekend


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